DT Apartments


Our House Rules

Dear guests,

Thank you very much for choosing to stay in the Downtown Apartments. We would like to welcome you here and wish you a most enjoyable stay.

To ensure that your time with us is both pleasant and relaxing, we would like to provide you with the following information. Mutual consideration and understanding provide the best guarantee that all of our guests enjoy their stay.

All guests and longer-term residents are obliged to follow our house rules in order to create a friendly communal atmosphere. Many thanks.

Security – protection of the apartments and building

Please always ensure that all doors and entrances, including those to the basement and at the rear of the building, are kept closed. In each apartment there is an intercom system – only open the door if you know the visitor, and do not let unauthorised people into the building.

All emergency routes such as apartment and outside doors, stairwells and corridors must be kept clear at all times. The only exception is the temporary storage of wheelchairs and other mobility aids, as long as they do not block emergency exits or unreasonably impede other guests.

Emergency routes and exits must under no circumstances be obstructed.

Each guest must report any damage occurred without delay to the staff. In the case of immediate danger, the guest must indicate it with appropriate warning signs or take care of removing the danger. In the case of leakages or flaws with the water or electrics, guests should inform staff straight away.

Any actions that could pose a fire risk to the building or a health risk to other guests are strictly prohibited.

Open fires are not allowed, and easily flammable items or liquids must not be stored in the basement or underground garages due to fire risks.

Cooking with open flames such as charcoal BBQs on the balconies is also prohibited.

External guests are only allowed access to the Downtown Apartments with permission of the concierge staff.


Out of consideration for other guests, loud noises are to be avoided, particularly between 13:00 and 15:00, and from 22:00 to 07:00 (as well as until 09:00 on Sundays and public holidays).

Partys and big celebrations are not allowed in the Downtown Apartments.

As a general rule, radio and television volume should remain at a reasonable room volume level. Any loud noises on the balconies or terraces as well as out of open windows are to be avoided.

Playing musical instruments is not allowed during the aforementioned times. Outside of these hours, instruments should not be played for more than two hours a day.


We welcome children into the apartments but ask that parents are considerate of other guests. For safety reasons, children are not permitted to play in the basement, underground garages, or similar areas. Children are also not permitted to play or make noise in the corridors and stairwells.

Cleaning and tidiness

The building and property are to be kept clean and tidy.

Accumulated rubbish should be sorted into the designated bins and containers. Please make note of the rubbish separation: non-recyclables, plastics and paper must be separated and placed in the according bins. Hazardous waste does not belong in these bins.

Oversized rubbish should be broken down into smaller pieces, and hot ashes must not be placed in the bins. Please note that rubbish may not be left in the communal areas.

Sanitary products, rubbish, food leftovers, hazardous fluids, oils and similar substances are not to be disposed of in the toilets or showers, as they can cause blockages or unpleasant odours.

It is also not permitted to use the balcony railings to dry sheets or clothing.


The apartments are to be ventilated sufficiently during all seasons. In order to achieve this, windows should preferably be opened for brief but sufficient periods. The main apartment door into the corridor should not be used for ventilation purposes, especially after cooking.


Please take care not to leave pets unattended in the outdoor areas, corridors, stairwells and other communal spaces. Noise disturbances, such as sustained barking, will lead to an immediate ban on your keeping of pets.


Parking for the apartments is only available through the rental of one of our underground garage spaces. Alternatively, public parking spaces are to be used.

Cars must not be driven above walking speed in the underground garages.

Where necessary, please pay attention to additional information about and in the underground garages.


Our apartments are strictly non-smoking. Guests who damage or make holes in the furniture, flooring, sheets, tablecloths etc. will be required to pay the full replacement costs at the end of their stay.

Smoking is permitted on the balconies and loggias. Please use the provided ashtrays.